Electronic Chemicals

Printed Circuit Board

Making Holes Conductive

Shadow Direct Metallization
ShadowÒ Direct Metallization Process is a patented graphite based slightly alkaline aqueous dispersion of conductive colloids and proprietary additives used to make through-holes, and other vias, conductive for subsequent copper electroplating.

Electroless Copper 4000 Process
Electroless Copper 4000 is designed to give unsurpassed interconnect reliability for multilayer applications, as well as superior coverage on all PTH applications. It has been formulated to give a bright, smooth uniform copper deposit of 60 microinches in 30 minutes. The process is based on a patent pending organic stabilizer and does not contain cyanide.

Electroless Copper 2060 Process
Electro-Brite Electroless Copper 2060 Process is a non-cyanide, non-edta room temperature medium build electroless copper system. It is designed to deposit 70 microinches (1.75 microns) in 30 minutes and 50 microinches (1.25 microns) in 20 minutes at 24°C (75°F).

E-Prep Desmear
The E-Prep 200 Series Permanganate Process is a concentrated sodium permanganate system designed to etchback or desmear printed circuit hole walls, and promote increased topography for superior adhesion of the subsequent electroless copper or direct metallization.

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