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OM Group Drier Troubleshooting Guide

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Use 21% Cobalt Hydroxy Ten-Cem®
Use Calcium Drier Only (add half to grind for loss-of-dry)
Use Iron Drier Only Dark Colors
Reduce or Eliminate Manganese Drier
Add Zinc Drier
Increase Cobalt Drier 5-10%
Use AOC 1020X
Reduce Cobalt Drier 10-20%
Use Rare Earth Drier
Hex-Cem LFD; Cem-All LFD
Use Dri-Rx®
Use Cobalt Ten-Cem® Drier
Use Manganese Drier
Add Spurso® To Grind
Use Zirconium Drier
Cobalt Hydro-Cure® II
Manganese Hydro-Cure® II
Eliminate Calcium Drier
Use Cur-Rx®
Use Skino #2®

Starting Point Use Levels Of Various Paint Driers and Additives:

  % Based on
Vehicle Solids*

Cobalt .02 - .1% metal
Manganese .02 - .1% metal
Vanadium .02 - .1% metal
Calcium .1 - .3% metal
Zirconium .2 - .6% metal
Rare Earth .1 - .3% metal
Aluminum .2 - .6% metal
Zinc .1 - .2% metal
Iron .04 - .2% metal
DRI-Rx® .1 - .3%
SPURSO® .1 - .5%
SKINO® #2 .2 - 1.0%

*VEHICLE SOLIDS - Oil and resin portion of the paint formulation. Also known as binder portion.


Pounds of
Vehicle Solids


% Metal Required
% Metal in Drier


Pounds of
Drier Required

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