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Lubricant & Grease Additivess

OM Group has long been a leader in the production of high-performance additives for lubricant oils and greases.
We are a global producer of metal organics for use in a variety of industrial applications; most recently, for the lubricant and fuel additive industries.  We are a leader in the development of high-performance additives that comply with stringent new FDA and NSF regulations.

Calciplex™ and FRIC-SHUN®
Sulfur-free and Phosphorus-free Additives
OM Group's proprietary overbased carboxylate technology leads the industry in performance and quality.  Through a unique patented process, we provide a wide variety of markets with environmentally friendly products formulated to meet their specific needs.
Calciplex™ is a line of overbased Calcium Oleate/Carbonate blends specially formulated for use in the manufacture of high-performance greases.

The FRIC-SHUN® line consists of clear emulsions of overbased organic/inorganic blends dispersed in oil.  The FRIC-SHUN® line is an all-natural alternative to current additive systems, and is both non-toxic and biodegradable.

10% Zinc Nap-All® Lube Grade
Anti-wear Agent, Rust Inhibitor
Formulated specifically for the lubricant industry, our 10% Zinc Nap-All® has an oil carrier rather than the conventional solvent carrier usually contained in Zinc Naphthenate solutions.  10% Zinc Nap-All® is widely used as a rust-inhibiting additive in lubricants and undercoatings.  Another common application is in petroleum lubricants for compressors and refrigerator systems, where the product acts to inhibit the formation of sludge and reduce wear scar.

14.5% Zinc Nap-All® Lube Grade
Anti-wear Agent, Rust Inhibitor
This product is a pure naphthenate containing a maximum of Zinc without a carrier. While it performs the same basic functions as our 10% Zinc Nap-All®, it is highly resistant to oxidation, and it offers advantages in certain areas of use. 14.5% Zinc Naphthenate has also been used as a replacement for 30% Lead Naphthenate.

22% Zinc Hex-Cem®
Anti-wear Agent, Rust Inhibitor
12% Copper Cem-All®
18% Copper Cem-All®

Our 12% Copper Cem-All® and other Copper carboxylates have been incorporated in lubrication formulations to improve their antioxidation characteristics.  In many formulations, the Copper is more effective than some traditional amine antioxidants.  This product has a very wide solubility range in numerous oils.  It can be successfully combined with most other oil additives.

Naphthenic Acids
Various Grades
Corrosion and Rust Inhibitor

Bismuth Naphthenate is now available as an environmentally compatible substitute for Lead Naphthenate as an EP additive for lube oils and greases.  As with Lead Naphthenate, the Bismuth Naphthenate should be formulated with organic sulfur compounds to improve its EP characteristics.

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