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Fuel Oil Additives

OM Group has been producing Lead Naphthenate since the 1940s for lubricant oils and greases, and hydrocarbon-soluble metal carboxylates for use as fuel additives. Consistency and quality have made us a market leader in products for the lubricant and fuel additive industries, with formulations available for a variety of applications.

FOA #910®
FOA #910® is a liquid carboxylate containing 40% manganese as metal, the highest metal concentration available anywhere in liquid form.  Manganese is the most effective and most commonly used metal additive for improving combustion and suppressing smoke in residual and distillate oils.  Manganese also acts to impede the formation of SO3 when used as an additive in these fuels.

FOA #910® is generating interest in use as a fireside additive for coal.  A manganese solution sprayed on the coal when it first enters the burners has been found to improve combustion, reduce the formation of SO3 and lower the particulate fallout.  Compared with manganese carboxylates with lower metal concentrations or with other forms of manganese used, FOA #910® offers the following advantages:

12% Manganese Cem-All®
Clearly the most widely used soluble carboxylate for fuel oil treatment, our 12% Manganese Cem-All® offers many of the same advantages as FOA #910®. Used as an additive for liquid fuels, 12% Manganese Cem-All® has been reported to reduce soot formation by as much as 75%.  12% Manganese Cem-All® is available in a mineral spirits carrier as well as in a high flash oil carrier.

8% Chromium Hex-Cem®
Here is another product used extensively as a fuel oil additive, and interest and usage are growing.  Chromium Hex-Cem® is a useful additive for reduction of the hot corrosion of alloys in gas turbines by sea salt contaminants.  It is synergistic with Manganese fuel oil additives.

12% Cerium Hex-Cem®
12% Cerium Hex-Cem® is an extremely effective fuel oil additive for lighter boiling or distillate fuels.  The addition of cerium to fuel improves combustion and reduces soot formation.  Cerium is used in a range of distillates, from jet fuel to diesel fuel.  This product has the same handling advantages and broad solubility characteristics as the other metal carboxylates described in this section.

Other fuel additives include:

12% Manganese Cem-All® HS 15

2% Iron Neo-Nap®
This product is used rather extensively in certain fuel oil additives.  Combined with manganese, it is extremely effective as an additive in marine fuel oils.

40% Cerium Cem-All®
This high-concentration Cerium complex contains 40% cerium as metal.  It is a liquid carboxylate complex that improves combustion and reduces soot formation when added to distillate fuels.  This version of derium offers lower unit metal costs and greater formulation flexibility.  It also has excellent stability in a variety of fuel additive packages.

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