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Driers for Water-borne Coatings

Hydro-Cure®, Hydro-Cem® and Boroacylate Driers
Our water-reducible driers were developed while working with major water-reducible resin manufacturers. These water-reducible driers represent a major innovation in driers for water-dispersible systems, overcoming the problems encountered with earlier water-dispersible driers or conventional driers when used in aqueous systems.

DRI-Rx® and DRI-Rx® HF
DRI-Rx® and DRI-Rx HF® are cost-effective accelerators and stabilizers for water-borne coatings. Many water-borne coatings are prone to loss-of-dry upon extended storage. This is especially important for trade sales systems, where the formula should remain active for at least two years. These compounds coordinate with the drying metals, specifically cobalt and manganese, and promote significantly faster dry. This complexing action protects the active metals from hydrolysis over time and minimizes loss-of-dry in the customer’s water-borne formula. This enhanced activity can also be seen in improved water resistance and higher gloss. DRI-Rx® HF is a "non-red label" version of DRI-Rx® in a higher flash point solvent.

19% DRI-Rx®
19% DRI-Rx® contains a lower concentration of active ingredient than does Dri-Rx® or Dri-Rx® HF. 19% DRI-Rx® was developed to alleviate the low temperature crystallization of the active ingredient.

Light-Colored Manganese Hydro-Cure® III
This is OM Group's new light-colored manganese water-emulsifiable drier. A clear, amber-colored liquid, rather than the usual dark brown color, it is useful for clear varnishes and light-colored coating products. It has been reported to add little or no in-the-can color, as well as little or no color effect in the dried coating. It exhibits the same drying activity as the other Manganese Hydro-Cures at the same metal concentrations.

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