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Kokkola, Finland

Advanced Organics

Location Description:

Although the Kokkola facility primariliy focuses on metal inorganic salts which are used in a wide variety of applications including animal feed supplements, ceramics, glass, electro-plating, metal finishing, galvanizing and petroleum refining, we also manufacture a variety of metal organics products here as well.

OM Group Technical Center
Kokkola, Finland

Focused on

The research carried out at this Technical Center serves a variety of applications and industries.  Recognizing the importance of developing new technologies in the tire, paint, ink and catalysts industries, the associates at this location offer OM Group customers the latest innovations in these crucial categories.




Facility Address

Outokummuntie 6
P.O. Box 286
Kokkola FIN 67101

Phone: 358-6-828-0111
Fax: 358-6-828-1260

Facility Type

R & D
Customer Service