Take a Look At the New OM Group:

OM Group announces press release dated June 1, 2015. Click here to view it.

OM Group publishes its 2014 Annual Report. Click here to read and download the PDF.

OM Group Issues Statement Following Receipt of Letter from Shareholder. Click here to read it.

satellite OM Group?s Battery Technologies has officially surpassed 2 billion cell hours in space without a mission failure. Click here for the video.

OM Group is a technology-driven diversified industrial company serving attractive global markets, including automotive systems, electronic devices, aerospace and defense, industrial and medical. OM Group is accelerating the pace of change to drive stockholder value. Our focus on thinking forward is reflected in our innovative solutions for customers, capital deployment, competitive repositioning and cost optimization activities, and strengthened leadership team. While our priority is a substantial, near-term impact to further improve our operations and financial performance, we have not lost sight of the longer-term opportunities. Our path forward is clear, and we are confident that our actions will be successful in unlocking OM Group's full potential.


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