Some companies rely on rich tradition and storied past for their success. Others blaze a new path into the future.
I say why settle, when you can have it all.

Today, our new company is comprised of three businesses that are recognized as global leaders. VAC, EaglePicher Technologies and Borchers have set the standard for over 100 years. To have another century of leadership, we need to be known for who we are and what we do right now! Our future begins today.

VECTRA is inspired by the Latin word “vector”, which is defined as possessing both magnitude and direction. At VECTRA we know exactly where we are headed and we will have significant impact — MAGNITUDE and DIRECTION.

We will continue to be known for our technology, customer engagement and world class products. VECTRA’s culture will start and end with safety. We will have a winning strategy but our proactive approach and our SPEED of EXECUTION will be the bedrock of our “sustainable competitive advantage”.

It is a fantastic time to be a part of this great company called VAC, EPT and Borchers

Welcome to VECTRA.

Jim Voss
President & CEO